Starting August of 2017, Grafton Peek Catering is the preferred catering partner with Chateau Thomas Winery at their Plainfield and Nashville locations. Dr. Charles Thomas started his wine-making venture in the 1970s and continues to grow his operation to this day. We at Grafton Peek are very excited to work with such a knowledgeable and renowned wine connoisseur.


Grafton Peek at The Vineyard Room Menu

Chateau Thomas Winery of Plainfield has several different rooms to choose from for your wedding or special event; The Grand Vineyard room being the largest and able to host up to 350 guests. The Vineyard room can host up to 225 guest and The Champagne room can host up to 120 guests. All of these rooms offer astounding views of the facility and wine making process.


If you love the rustic charm of Nashville, Indiana, Chateau Thomas Winery of Nashville is the perfect event space for you. Located on SR 135 in the heart of downtown Nashville, this is a location you and your guests will never forget.

Visit ChateauThomas.com for more information.